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April 09 2018

Tech901 Success: Meet Patrick Moerman

by Bekah McDuffie | CompTIA, STEM Careers, Student Highlight, Tech901 Jobs, Growth, hired, IT Foundations, tech trained, Patrick Moerman | 0 Comments

At Tech901, our mission is to build local tech talent while working with employers to increase the Memphis technology job base. Through our courses, students get the knowledge and skills necessary...

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November 01 2017

Why Should You Consider a Career in IT

by Bekah McDuffie | STEM Careers, Why Technology, Young Professionals, IT Hardware Tech, Job Training | 0 Comments

Occupations in the field of computer and information technology will grow by as much 12% between now and 2024, growth that is stronger than the average for all jobs. This increase, strongly...

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June 12 2017
January 30 2017

Student Highlight: Connor Dawkins

by Bekah McDuffie | Tech901 Academy, CompTIA, STEM Careers, Student Highlight, A+ Certification | 0 Comments


Meet Connor Dawkins, student in our Fall II course and CompTIA A+ certified student, eager to learn more about Information Technology. Serving as an Infantry and Combat Engineer in the United...

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October 12 2016

Women in Tech: Marina O'Rourke

by Bekah McDuffie | STEM Careers, STEM Education, Why Technology, ServiceMaster, Marina O'Rourke, Women in Technology | 0 Comments

Even in 2016, women are underrepresented in the field of technology. Studies show that young girls who have interest in STEM in their early education tend to lose confidence and abandon math and...

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