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Three Major IT Certifications that could land you a new job - Apply for Tech901!

Three Major IT Certifications that could land you a new job

When looking for a new job in the technology field, you might be nervous, confused or even downright insecure because the jobs that seem intriguing, it's obvious that you don't have what it takes to be a part of that company. Unfortunately, some jobs require skills that are harder to get a hold of, or maybe they need a particular certification or diploma. Depending on what type of job you're looking to advance your career in, it is crucial to do your research and prepare exactly what you need to get on the hired list. 

Luckily, you can pause your panic and take a look at IT Certifications. These simple certifications of gold better your chance at landing that prized job you're looking into. An IT certification lets the employer know that you demonstrate a professional capability to pursue a specific part in the field of technology. Tech901 offers three excellent course tracks that will steer you in the right direction - and for discounted prices as well! 

IT Foundations is a program that buckles you up to prepare for the company's' other classes. It has three sub-categories which include Technical Support Specialist, IT Support Technician and IT Support Administrator. This course is required before taking the others, and to receive your certification, you must pass two exams. If you succeed, you will be well on your way to the next step milestone! 

IT Hardware Technician course prepares you for software, hardware, security, networking, and basic IT Literacy. This program is for young adults and High School graduates who are looking to expand in the field of computer-based components. The cost of this course is $50 which includes course materials and membership fee! This certification is a smart way to go if you're looking for more advanced certifications in the future. 

Code 1.0 Introduction to Computer Science offers a beginners introductory course on computer science and the art of programming. Upon completion of this course, and those who passed, students will receive a Certification from HarvardX in which will, in turn, set them up for an interview for industry training and paid internship opportunities. If you are a graduate of this curriculum, you're one step closer in getting employed! The cost of is roughly around $250. 

Rather it be any of these three-course tracks that interest you, Tech901 is a highly promoted way to go. These programs will make you glow in front of hiring employers, and will liken your chances at grasping a hold of that dream job! 

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