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Read success stories of Tech901 graduates hired for Information Technology jobs in Memphis. From Networking and Cybersecurity to Project Management and Computer Programming, Tech901 training produces real results and changes lives. Take a look!

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Darrin's Story: A Mobile Education

Before the era of the smartphone, Darrin Windsor-Cummings, now 37, began his career in telecommunications working with companies like T-Mobile and Ver...

by Aisling Maki on 7/3/19 1:20 PM
Tags: Tech901, software developers, Code 1.0

The Right Fit: Travis’ Tech901 Story

The path to a career in technology hasn’t been a linear one for Travis Windsor-Cummings, an East Memphis husband and father of two young children whos...

by Aisling Maki on 1/29/19 8:00 AM
Tags: computer coding, learn to code, computer science course, Code 1.0

IMC Taps Tech901 Grads to Develop New Company Portal

Every business today requires cutting edge technology to stay competitive and improve customer satisfaction.  Forward thinking companies are constantl...

by Sophia Konidas on 8/29/18 8:00 AM
Tags: Memphis, Student Highlight, Tech901, computer programming, Code 1.0

From Construction to Coding

I’ve been in construction project management for about seven years now, after graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2011 and moving to Memphis....

by Levi Coon on 7/25/18 8:05 AM
Tags: software developers, computer programming, computer coding, Code 1.0

Congratulations, Code 1.0 graduates!

  Friends, family, and fellow students gathered at Tech901 on Tuesday, May 1st for a celebration recognizing our first Code 1.0 graduates of 2018. Fif...

by Bekah McDuffie on 5/10/18 8:41 AM
Tags: IT Foundations, Code 1.0, IT Networking

Why Tech? A Career in Technology

  In today's society, technology is the heartbeat of America. The days of pen to paper business operations are basically non-existent. With the growth...

by Bekah McDuffie on 8/3/17 8:00 AM

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