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Web vs. Code: What's the Difference?


Here at Tech901, we offer a lot of courses throughout the year. It can get pretty confusing when you're trying to sign up for a class. When is it? Which one should I take? What exactly are you going to learn?


Well, if you're interested in the programmer's side of things, we have two courses available for you: Web Programming and Code 1.0.

But which one is the right one for you?

Well I'm glad you asked. I got together with two of our course instructors, and they gave me tons of info about what to expect out of their classes. Make sure to click on the links (they're in green!) if you've never heard of something- this article is your one-stop intro to our courses and what they're going to teach you!

Web Programming with Catrina Dean


Possible Jobs: Software Developer, UI/UX Web Designer, Business Analyst, or Content Developer

What's it About?

Web Programming is an introduction to front-end development. Have you ever used a website? Someone was responsible for that user experience. Everything you see is a mix of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React. If a programmer does their job right, you might not even notice how intuitive the site experience is... well, you might not have noticed before you took the class.

Students will also be focused on learning how to interact with a Tech Stack which includes HTML/CSS, Design Frameworks, JavaScript, and ReactJs. Topics include version control with Git & GitHub, the software development lifecycle, collaboration, and command-line interface.

The Goal?

Web Programming might suit you if you're a creative thinker/problem solver


Students of Web Programming will learn the essential tools for building real, working websites. You'll be learning all the web programming languages listed above, in a fast-paced class designed to get you in the door with a portfolio of your own. This class is designed to be approachable for those who have no experience with web programming, but don't let that fool you - you'll have to put in a lot of personal time and energy if you want to get the most out of this class.

What's the Difference?

Catrina DeanAccording to our Web Programming Instructor Catrina Dean, Web Programming and Code 1.0 are meant to work together! Web Programming focuses on the front-facing, user experience. Code is what goes on behind the scenes, also known as the back end. That includes pulling and pushing information from the database and data processing.

Code 1.0 with Brad Montgomery


Possible Jobs: Software Developer, Systems Software, Computer Programmer

What's it About?

Code 1.0 is all about the fundamentals of computer programming. You'll learn about computer programming data types, operators, control flow basics, and functions, as well as some data structures and common algorithms.

The course also includes an introduction to object-oriented programming.

You'll study programming languages including C (not the letter), Python (not the snake), and Java (not the drink), as well as JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and HTML.

This course also provides students with an opportunity to engage in group work to complete online HarvardX CS50 assignments, as part of an introductory course to computer science and the art of programming.

Code 1.0 works for students with or without prior programming experience.

The Goal


Code 1.0 might suit you if you're a more analytical thinker/problem solver

At the end of class, students will be able to analyze a programming issue and then construct a small program for the computer to solve the problem. In Brad's words, "you should learn how to think algorithmically AND have the skills to write simple computer programs". Provided students submit their work to Harvard, they are also eligible for a Harvard certificate of completion for their work.

What's the Difference?

Brad Montgomery

The difference between the Code 1.0 and Web Programing classes is that Code is more generalized. You will explore different types of problems in different contexts. Students in Web Programming will do more specialized activities, such as building programs that will run in web browsers.


In truth, both courses work great together! If you're interested in Web Programming and Code 1.0, you might be interested in the Tech901 Coding and Development Track. Combine the front end and the back end to become an unstoppable force!

Still have lingering questions about Web Programming or Code 1.0? Let us know! If we've sparked your interested, get that application started today!

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