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Student Highlight: Jenice Shea

Over the summer, we will highlight a student weekly from our CompTIA A+ certification course at the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis.  Our class is comprised of forty-eight tech-driven individuals who are eager to learn, and Tech901 is excited to shine some light on one student weekly. Enjoy!

Jenice Shea Germantown

We are happy to showcase another student this week, Jenice Shea.  As the Career and Technical Education Supervisor at Germantown High School, Shea uses her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Business Education to emphasize technology in the classroom.

“In the future, I would like to have a full-time job in an IT department at an educational facility,” she shares. Enrolled in our first session, CompTIA A+, as well as the following Network+ and Security+ session, Shea will gain the necessary knowledge to acquire industry certifications to do just that.

The technology field is ever-changing and constantly advancing.  Shea is interested in various areas of technology and finds the new opportunities exciting.  Living in Memphis for the past 32 years, Shea takes time to enjoy the fabulous parks, museums, and numerous local eateries in the Bluff City.

To learn more about upcoming Tech901 classes, visit our website.

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