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Student Highlight: Sharonda Walker

At Tech901, we love getting to know our students on a personal level and we want to share their unique stories with our readers. This Fall, we will have three A+ classes full of students working towards their certifications. Enjoy the weekly highlights as we introduce you to our diverse and promising Tech901 students.


Meet Sharonda Walker, magazine publisher and mother of six.

Sharonda has resided in the DC area, Maryland, and Philadelphia, but the native Memphian is happy to call Memphis home once again. At Tennessee State University, she earned her B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  Working as a salesperson, Sharonda traveled for work and encountered new technological advances popping up all around her focusing on computer networks and protocol analyzers. She also installed, maintained, and had experience troubleshooting computers.

"I left that scene to pursue other passions and now at the right, old age of 50, I am determined to stay close to my technology and not be left behind." 

Presently, Sharonda works as a publisher of a local positive business and community news magazine called BVisible Magazine. She wants to earn her A+ certification to impact her business and better her future.  "I am so interested in grasping technology and impacting the small business community by becoming a certified practioner in IT," she shares with Tech901, "What an amazing field to operate in!"

When it comes to Memphis resturants, Sharonda loves to eat locally at Ms. Peggy Healthy Homecooking, Alcenia's, Girlie's Soulfood, and Hollywood Fish Market

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