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Student Highlight: Jean Blanc

At Tech901, we love getting to know our students on a personal level and we want to share their unique stories with our readers. This Fall, we will have three A+ classes full of students working towards their certifications. Enjoy the weekly highlights as we introduce you to our diverse and promising Tech901 students.


Meet Jean M. Blanc, Electrical Engineer and new Memphian.

A graduate of Northeastern University, Jean Blanc majored in Electrical Engineering with a minor in business.  Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Jean has called the Bluff City home for two years, relocating to Memphis to work as an engineer for Thomas & Betts.

Joining our Fall evening course, Jean hopes to achieve his CompTIA A+ certification.  "I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the ever-changing computer systems, programming, and information technology industries," says Blanc. "The on-going innovation and the positive effects it can have on society is what interests me most."

Blanc credits the advent of smart phone technology on having the most profound change in his life, simplifying and making everything available in one convenient place. Eager to begin his journey to certifications, Blanc wants to reinforce the skills he may have forgotten while learning new things in the ever-changing computing industry.

"I've always been a gadget geek."

Fond of the lack of snow that comes with living in Memphis, Jean also has grown to enjoy the rich history, soul, and food in the 901.

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