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5 Tips for Tech901 Students: Advice from Recent Graduates

Maybe you've been thinking about taking an IT class, but you don't know what to expect. What's the class like? What's a lab? How much studying is there?

Well, we talked to 5 Tech901 students here in Memphis about their recent class experiences. Read more about where they come from, what they studied, and their tips for passing class with Tech901.


Michael Blackmer - Memphis, TN

Classes: Code 1.0, IT Foundations

5 tips students

"Start networking!"

"A career change can be daunting... but communicating with the right groups of people and asking questions will sharpen your edge and slice away at any uncertainty on your path to your own success."

Tech901 trainees are prepared to work in the Memphis IT scene the minute they graduate with their certification. As part of class, students receive resume training, but more importantly, all Tech901 students have the opportunity to meet employers at Tech901 career fairs, mock interview sessions, and through Tech901 job alerts. 

Favorite Part of Class: It's been great to connect and network with fellow classmates and explore the different directions and fields you can apply yourself in the IT industry today.

Current Tech Interests: Building chat bots for my personal Discord with friends, along with learning the foundations of 3D modeling for 3D printing for my DnD groups! The number of things I've learned from simply saying, "I want to do that" and googling myself into an abyss of information has really kept me busy throughout this pandemic!


Carlos Parra Duran - Maracaibo, Venezuela

Class: IT Foundations

5 tips students-1

"I like the hands-on labs. Handling the devices in-person is really important"


IT Professionals are hands-on technicians that solve problems all day long. The labs at Tech901 are designed to get students comfortable with handling IT equipment and resolving issues. Tech901 IT Foundations Labs include Laptop Breakdowns, Networking/Wiring, And Desktop Breakdowns.

Favorite Part of Class:  Blair (my instructor) said to practice a lot, so I did. It worked! The questions on the exam might not be exactly the same as the ones you practice, but they're very similar. 

Update your career_ apply today

I'm trying to get a certification in the States. Sometimes, you have to restart when you move countries, so I'm trying to get my certification to get into IT and start my career here in Memphis. Tech901 is a good place to start. 

Current Tech Interests: I like working with computers and tech and all that, and the equipment as well. My first job here was checking POS equipment and tablets, and I liked it. I like Memphis a lot, too. 


Almira Culp - Houston, Tx

Class: IT Foundations


"Dedicate AT LEAST one hour a day outside of class to study"

"and Practice questions, practice questions, practice questions."

Studying is a crucial part of any class, but with courses that only last a few weeks, you have to stay motivated! Luckily, your classmates and instructor are on the same page. 

Favorite Part of Class: Kahoot (an online trivia platform where students compete in real time and review what they've learned)

Current Tech Interests: Web Development


Darrain Mumphrey - Memphis, TN

Class: IT Foundations


"Love what you do and be sure this is something you would want to spend the rest of your life exploring."

"The world of tech, though it seems farfetched to believe, is still within the world of service. All things are made, programed, scripted, etc. for one purpose... to serve others and help them complete a task or make something happen!"

Tech901 graduates come from all walks of life and all different backgrounds. The tech industry is notorious for its lack of diversity, which is why it's so important that career changers and the next wave of IT professionals in Memphis have different perspectives and goals. Your IT career doesn't have to look any particular way- but you do have to have the drive for IT.

Favorite Part of Class: The Labs and my teacher (he was really cool and engaged).

Current Tech Interests: I love modified retro handheld games as well as the latest trends in photo, video, and audio editing.


Rasik Pokharel - Kathmandu, Nepal

Class: IT Foundations


"Learn as much as you can using multiple resources alongside the lectures."

"Read the book provided by Tech901, use the student resources section in Moodle, and definitely do the practice exams."

There are a lot of resources available to students, including Professor Messer, in-class study tools, practice exams, and more. Don't forget your instructor is always available to help as well!

Favorite Part of Class: My instructor was so motivated to teach us. I think that if an instructor is enthusiastic about teaching a topic, student will feel more motivated to learn. Moreover, the course was very interactive with tools like Kahoot and Socrative we could use to test ourselves on exam topics. These tools made learning the materials much much easier.

Current Tech Interests: I just passed both the Core 1 and Core 2 exams for the CompTIA A+ certification! I am excited to earn more certifications from CompTIA.

If these students and their advice motivated you to try your hand at IT and tech learning, try one of our upcoming courses at Tech901. Questions about our admission process? Contact Admissions today. 


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