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Read success stories of Tech901 graduates hired for Information Technology jobs in Memphis. From Networking and Cybersecurity to Project Management and Computer Programming, Tech901 training produces real results and changes lives. Take a look!

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Occupations in the field of computer and information technology will grow by as much 12% between now and 2024, growth that is stronger than the average for all jobs. This increase, strongly associated with advancements in cloud computing, big data storage, and connecting everyday matters to the internet, will create significant career opportunities for well-trained tech workers.

In addition to excellent job prospects, computer and information technology professionals can expect to earn higher than average earnings. Reports show that the median yearly salary for all occupations is $37,040, well below the IT professions median annual earning of $82,860. With professionals in the tech area receiving from $25,000 to over $100,000, tech jobs account for five of the top ten highest paying professions.

Computer support jobs have need of a wide range of skills and knowledge, which offers many different paths into a career. While a bachelor's degree is necessary for some tech jobs, many careers opportunities are available with post-secondary certification classes and many employers prefer tech certifications.


Recognizing the increased need for filling jobs in the tech industry, The White House recently announced a $200 million initiative to provide Computer Science education. This funding will go towards strengthening education, especially among under served groups. Tech executives welcomed this step by the administration as an answer to their continuing need for skilled employees and the positive impact it will have on the economy.

It is an exciting time in the rapidly changing computer and information technology field. With high job projections, unlimited advancement opportunities, the ease of beginning a career, and the prospect of above-average earnings from the first day, an occupation in tech is worth learning more about.

To learn more on how fast and easy starting a career in the information technology field is contact us today.

Bekah McDuffie
By: Bekah McDuffie

Bekah McDuffie holds a B.S. in History from the University of Memphis. She brings social media management, event planning and digital marketing experience to the Tech901 team. A passionate tambourinist, Bekah loves checking out local music and the countless festivals in the city. Memphis, born and raised, in Loflin Yard is where she spends most of her days.


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