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IT Apprenticeships and Upskilling the Future IT Workforce

The increasing demand for IT skilled employees is not new- the news has been full of stories about the lack of highly skilled workers in the IT industry since the early 2010s. With the recent surge of online Companies in particular emphasize the growing number of unfilled IT jobs, as well as concerns about how to fill them. According to a survey of CIOs, an astonishing 65% said that hiring challenges are hurting the industry.

Traditionally, incentives for tech talent have included perks such as flexible hours, in-office perks, and high industry salaries; however, the demand for IT workers currently far outstrips the supply of talented workers. 

apply-today-projectAs hirings begin to pick back up post-pandemic, many companies are looking to address the lack of tech talent available with a number of tactics including machine learning and streamlining work processes. Industries that are in highest demand include Data Analytics, Security, and Cloud Computing. 

Here at Tech901, we advocate for another, time tested method of curating dedicated IT workers: apprenticeships.

While apprenticeships have traditionally been part of skilled labor, the IT industry in particular is set to benefit from IT training for employees and prospective employees looking to grow their careers in IT. Local Companies like Midsouth IEC and IMC Companies are already using IT training programs to great success.

"Given our retention rates, and the increase to productivity we've experienced, (our) investments have been minimal indeed, and worth it for the future of the company." - Joel Tracy, CIO IMC Companies

Whether you call it an apprenticeship, re-skilling, or upskilling, IT skills training is one of the best ways to create a dedicated, highly skilled IT workforce. If you're a tech company in this position, there are a few reasons why you should consider an apprenticeship program to help bridge the training gap and upskill your employees.


Create Highly Skilled Workers


No one disputes how difficult it can be to find a highly skilled worker, or how much work it takes for a person to become highly skilled. Training Organizations like Tech901 can help career changers get started and certified, but apprenticeship programs help create highly skilled workers with specific training for the skills most critical to a business's success. They generally cost less, too, because the point of an apprenticeship is to learn skills - not to already have them.




Foster Loyalty, and Lower Your Turnover Rates

When you take on an apprentice, you are committing significant amounts of time, energy, and resources into that person. It creates a feeling of loyalty and forges a bond between you and your apprentice that can withstand the allure of a more lucrative job offer. Your apprentice is invested in your company, and more likely to stick around.


Increase Your Bottom Line


This is not a myth. Consumers are more likely to favor companies that have apprenticeship programs in place. It communicates their care for and commitment to their employees, and consumers want to encourage that. Companies with apprenticeship programs in some areas are also eligible for tax credits, and they may find community partners interested in contributing to the training financially or materially.




If you're an IT student or trainee, Businesses that offer apprenticeships are a great way to get your foot in the door and learn on the job.

Tech901 is registered as part of the National Apprenticeship System, in accordance with the basic standards of apprenticeship established by the Secretary of Labor. Tech901 is actively working to bridge the gap between the number of skilled workers and the number of jobs in the tech industry. For more information on how to become a trainee, visit our website.

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