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Read success stories of Tech901 graduates hired for Information Technology jobs in Memphis. From Networking and Cybersecurity to Project Management and Computer Programming, Tech901 training produces real results and changes lives. Take a look!

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Women in Tech: Marina O'Rourke

Even in 2016, women are underrepresented in the field of technology. Studies show that young girls who have interest in STEM in their early education ...

by Bekah McDuffie on 10/12/16 8:00 AM
Tags: Tech901 Academy, CompTIA, Memphis, STEM Careers, STEM Education, University of Memphis, STEM, A+ Certification

Tech901 Launches Summer Courses

Tech901 teams up with the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis to offer our first CompTIA A+ course of the summer at the Univers...

by Robert Montague on 6/3/16 3:00 PM
Tags: STEM Careers, STEM Education, Tech901, Young Professionals

Young Professionals Summit Brings Together Passionate Memphis Millennials to Address the City’s Challenges Head On

Mayor Luttrell’s Young Professionals Council hosted a recent summit to unite young professionals in the city surrounding topics like city planning, education and regional job growth. Summit speakers Tom Jones of Smart City Consulting, Lesley Brown of Teacher Town and Austin Baker of HRO Consulting brought their professional perspectives on both the challenges and assets of these issues in Memphis.

by Bekah McDuffie on 5/5/16 1:40 PM
Tags: STEM Education, Uncategorized

Online Resources to Learn Code

Learning how to code is easier than you think, especially with these Tech901 approved online resources:

by Bekah McDuffie on 2/18/16 3:00 AM
Tags: CompTIA, STEM Careers, STEM Education

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Predicts an Optimistic Tech Job Outlook By 2020

Many high school students across the country are at the crossroads of career choice, deciding right now whether to apply for colleges or move directly into the workforce. But the question of “what do I want to do?” isn’t an easy one to answer, and recent recessions and economic slumps haven’t made that choice any easier. However, perhaps job growth outlook can.

by Bekah McDuffie on 11/30/15 9:45 AM

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