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Student Highlight: Joshua Mitchell


At Tech901, we love getting to know our students on a personal level and we want to share their unique stories with our readers. This Fall, we will have three A+ classes full of students working towards their certifications. Enjoy the highlights as we introduce you to our diverse and promising Tech901 students.

Meet Joshua Mitchell, a Business major at Southwest Community College with a true passion for computer technology.  

A lifelong Memphian, Joshua joins Tech901 for our CompTIA A+ certification course to gain better knowledge of the IT field.

"I hope to gain mentors in the community to push me forward and help me become better in this field."

Like many Tech901 students, Joshua sees the benefit of being certified in IT. Employers prefer candidates with certifications and taking the A+ course gives him the upper hand in the IT field.  The tech field is ever-evolving and changing and that influence is a huge draw to Joshua, specifically the gaming technology field.  "Without the influence from games, I would never have been interested in how computers, phones, and other technology devices work," he shares.

With the knowledge and skills acquired in the Tech901 course, Joshua's A+ certification paves the way for his future in the world of information technology.

Memphis is Poplar Avenue.

All of Joshua's favorite Memphis activities can be found along this busy Memphis street.  He enjoys catching movies at the Malco Paradiso, shopping at the local clothing stores, and dining at the huge variety of restaurants scattered along Poplar Ave.

Want to jump start your tech career? You can join our upcoming Fall evening course! Learn more and apply here.

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