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Hardware Tech: What It Takes & How To Get There


Deciding what tech path is right for you can open the door to your future! In the global technology sector, IT Hardware remains as a strong and consistent in-demand contender. Hardware Technicians are typically responsible for setting up and maintaining computer systems, including not only desktop computers but often also servers, routers, modems, peripherals, and more. While software developers create new computer programs and IT technicians are more concerned with fixing networking issues, both sets of professionals rely on hardware technicians to maintain the tools they use.

Many hardware technician positions will include some degree of software work, though; depending on their employer, these professionals may find themselves responsible for security, data backup, and networking tasks. While training to become a hardware technician is largely focused on understanding the physical parts of a computer, students will also learn about malware defense, modern operating systems, and networking.

Some hardware technician jobs require a Bachelor's or even Master's degree in computer science or a related field, but many employers, like IBM, are coming to realize that the same skills can be mastered through certification programs that take much less time. In a few short months, students can become fully qualified to work as a hardware technician, software developer, or computer security professional.

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Tech901 is proud to be one of the Memphis area's affordable and accesible training option for technology certifications! We're proud to offer our students all the skills needed for employment in the IT industry, for a small fraction of the cost and time required for a four-year college degree. We're passionate about Memphis, and eager to grow its economy by training thousands of new tech professionals for lucrative and fulfilling careers.

To learn more about Tech901's hardware technician track and other available courses, click here.


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