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Edna Dinwiddie: Adapting in the face of an Ever-Changing Tech World

Edna Dinwiddie is a 2021 Tech901 graduate who is working for Terminix!  We're proud of all Edna has accomplished and blessed to have her a part of our Tech901 family. ⁠ f you're interested in programming, check out our Code 1.0 or Web Programming classes today. Registration closes 3/24!

The hardest part about making a career change is knowing where to start. In this hyperconnected and online world attempting to pull us in a million directions, one can quickly feel lost in the shuffle and directionless. This is what former student Edna Dinwiddie was dealing with when she decided she wanted to move on from working in retail.

After discussing her desire to switch fields with her friends, they suggested looking into IT. Many of them had made the jump into the IT world already. They mentioned that jobs will always be available due to the continued proliferation of technology into everyday life. On the advice of her friends, she began her search.

“I just did a Google search, and I found Tech901,” Dinwiddie said. “I immediately felt drawn to it. I loved the structure; it wasn’t super expensive, and everybody looked happy and relaxed. So, I decided to sign up right then.”

With no previous IT experience, Dinwiddie was initially worried she might be behind the curve. But she quickly found out our IT Foundations course is designed for any skill level. 

“When I came to Tech901, I had minimal knowledge of tech,” Dinwiddie said. “The differences between an HDMI cord and a VGA cable were lost on me. Now, when I’m helping customers at my IT job, they can describe and send a photo of their problem, and I can immediately generalize what’s happening and how to fix it without spewing out tech jargon.”

Dinwiddie attributes the effectiveness of her classes to her instructors and the class culture they cultivate. 

“Despite taking a night class, my teachers were always full of joy and ready to go,” Dinwiddie said. “I witnessed the room’s mood lighten up every session because of the passion and care put into each lesson, and we felt like an extended family in a way.”

Alongside her IT studies, Dinwiddie continued to foster her love of performance theater. After graduating, Tech901 guided her on how to combine a gift of gab with her newfound IT knowledge. 

Now, Dinwiddie works with TEKsystems, which hires out contract IT work for companies. Currently, she is in place with Terminix as an IT customer service representative.

“I love that I get to help people solve problems,” Dinwiddie said. “It has been truly fulfilling work for me.”

With the flexibility provided by her IT job, Dinwiddie has volunteered at the Woodruff-Fontaine House in cataloging the historical museum’s many artifacts, another one of her many passions. This has inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in museum studies in the near future. 

“It's funny how everything in life is connected,” Dinwiddie said. “Because of my time at Tech901, I now work with Terminix, and one of the things with Museum Studies is knowing what kind of bugs affect the artifacts you have. Even though my current pursuits seem on the surface to lack an IT connection, my time at Tech901 is still shaping my future for the better.”

When asked what she would tell those thinking of pursuing a career in IT and making that career change leap, Dinwiddie fully encouraged people to consider Tech901.

“There is no better place to dip your toe into the IT world than Tech901,” Dinwiddie said. “It is affordable and flexible with your schedule because of the night class options. They also have built-in networking opportunities, which are invaluable to helping you find a job.”

Tech901 offers guidance and security amidst the raucous noise of today’s job market. We will get you the career training you need to get the IT job you want.

“They’re like a tech mafia but in a good way,” Dinwiddie said. “They put good people in good places and stay with you every step of the way.”

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