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Tech 901 Joins the National Apprenticeship System


On January 30, 2017, Tech 901 was certified under the US Department of Labor as a registered apprenticeship program. This certification, a mark of industry excellence, is a proud achievement to our IT training courses.

Fast facts about the National Apprenticeship System 

  •  Under the Office of Apprenticeship of the D.O.L., an organization is certified qualified by state and/or federal standards to conduct career training.
  • Certified training programs can range from skilled trades work such as carpentry to work in healthcare and transportation.
  • Apprentices work as employees for their mentor agency during their apprenticeship. 


What does this mean for the mentor agency? 

Certification with under the N.A.S. holds several major benefits for employers. The biggest of these, of course, is the addition highly skilled workers for a particular industry. Department of Labor research has found that approximately 91% of all apprentices remain with their mentor agency after the end of their apprenticeship. This means that the apprentices you train go on to become the leaders and innovators your business requires. 

But what about the cost? 

Agencies that choose to undergo certification have access to resources to offset the costs their program may entail. Under the Workforce Investment Act (W.I.A.), agencies may be relieved of certain education costs or reimbursed for a percent of wages earned by an apprentice. Other expenses, such as those for recruiting, are also covered under the W.I.A. In addition to this, registered agencies may be entitled to state tax credits to finance its apprenticeships. 

National recognition 

Registered agencies can boast of meeting national standards for quality and safety. They stand out as the best and most dedicated to their industry's improvement. Equipped with resources and talent, they stand to lead the future transformations that will benefit millions.

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