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TedxMemphis & Tech901

In early January, Tech901 Lead Instructor Briahna Chambers took the stage at TedxMemphis 2018 sharing her personal experience overcoming many pre-conceived notions as a woman of color, both in the college sports realm and the technology sector. Did you know that over a quarter of trained skilled professionals without a 4-year degree earn more than peers who have them? What if we spent more time classifying people by their potential rather than their demographics?

Click here to watch Briahna's inspiring Tedx talk.

In the tech industry alone, currently more than a third of employers have unfilled jobs. Median salaries for IT occupations are nearly $40,000 higher than most non-IT occupations, yet employers simply cannot find qualified candidates to take them. With skill and trade programs, certification programs, and apprenticeships, the focus is back on acquiring the tech skills needed. 

Get ahead of the game and sign up for Tech901 training today. Break through the class ceiling and be on your way to a rewarding career in IT.

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