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Technology Happens in Memphis—How one company is crushing the standard for tech entrepreneurship in the Mid-South

Equating Memphis with emerging technological innovation might seem odd at first. In a city that’s best known for its arts, musical heritage, and world-famous BBQ, the potential for being the next Silicon Valley doesn’t automatically come to mind. Memphis, a city with a low cost of living and exciting entrepreneurial potential is believed to have a promising economic future and is becoming increasingly known for innovation.

For those in the know like Mike Blumenthal, CEO of Technology Happens, this is a spot-on assessment. Currently located in Emerge Memphis, Technology Happens is a tech consultancy that has focused much of its work on providing solutions and custom programming for proprietary software used in credit unions throughout the United States.

Established in 2011, the company has grown fast in its short lifespan by working primarily with credit unions offering efficiency studies, software development and automated process streamlining. Looking to extend that reach, Mike Blumenthal started a new company, Member Vantage Point (MVP), to embrace a business direction that is projected to change the way people sign in person documents through a technological revolution.

“We’re projected to increase our staff substantially next year with new software engineers at MVP, and new programming architects at Technology Happens,” says Mike Blumenthal. “We’re looking to double our staff in 2016.”

“We empower credit unions to better serve their members and we focus on helping them build better relationships with their members through simple technology solutions,” says Blumenthal.

Currently in the process of receiving multiple patents for MVP, “Our new vision statement is crush the standard,” says Blumenthal.

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