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Read success stories of Tech901 graduates hired for Information Technology jobs in Memphis. From Networking and Cybersecurity to Project Management and Computer Programming, Tech901 training produces real results and changes lives. Take a look!

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Project management is a highly demanded skill in the technology industry and in many other sectors. Getting certified in project management will give you an added advantage in your field, and provide you with additional skills to succeed.

Consider these three reasons for why you should acquire the CompTIA Project+ certification today!

Salary Growth

Because project management skills are in demand, proving to employers you have project management skills can lead to an increased salary. Project management certified individuals on average earned more than individuals without these skills.

Job Opportunity

It's expected that jobs requiring project management will continue to grow in the future. This is an incredibly significant opportunity, and it means that individuals who are proven to have project management skills will benefit most from the expected growth. 

Your certification will provide you with an advantage over individuals who lack this certification. Employers are always looking to hire individuals with new skills, and project management is a top-rated skill that hiring managers pay attention to. Your certification will provide employers with the guarantee that you have knowledge and skills to carry out projects in an effective way. 

Meet Business Needs 

The certification will help you understand an important aspect of business, letting you lead projects confidently, on time, and within budget. This is great for you and your organization, as your project goals will be effectively completed. Your business will thrive and grow, and you'll feel proud of your hard work and accomplishments. 

It's important to stay ahead of technology and business industry trends, and keep up with required skills. Making sure that you attain project management certification will let you explore new job opportunities, gain access to higher salaries, and accomplish project goals with ease. 

There is no pre-requisite to enroll in Tech901's IT Project course and no prior knowledge is required. Click here and apply today!


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