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Three Tech Certifications That Can Change Your Life

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The tech sector in particular is projected to reach $5 trillion this year, according to IDC (that's about a 4.2% industry growth overall)

For those looking for a career boost, landing a technical job in the market is a great option. But how do you prove your skills in the IT market?

Cue the IT certification.

IT certifications are an industry standard. They're a short-hand way to communicate that you possess the skills and knowledge needed to handle the demands of any number of IT jobs.

To help train for a high-paying job in the tech field, there are tons of different types of certifications that are worth pursuing. But where should you start?

Below are 3 industry standard certifications for anyone looking to get into IT, or to take the next step in your IT career. 



IT Projects are fast-paced, collaborative, and full of opportunity for growth AND mistakes. That's why IT Project Managers are in such high demand.

The Project+ Certification proves you know how to manage an IT project from start to finish. This includes the knowledge and skills necessary to keep all of the parts of large project moving. IT also proves you're comfortable with common project management terminology used in the industry. 

apply-today-ctas (2)The best part of a Project+ certification is that you can use your certification/knowledge in every industry, not just IT. This certification opens you to tons of new career opportunities and higher salaries.

The CompTIA Project+  tells companies that you know your stuff when it comes to the project lifecycle. They'll know you have the business skills you need to lead projects with confidence, complete projects on time, and keep the project in budget.



the CompTIA Network + Certification is for individuals looking to level-up their IT Hardware skills.

If you're looking for a career building or managing a computer network, the Network+ is your certification. Earning this certification proves that you're able to design, manage, and upgrade a variety of wireless networks. Those with this certification are often hired as network administrators, and could also be involved in the initial development of complex network systems. In the past year alone, more than 5,400 people with this certification were hired into entry-level roles.

The Network+ cert tells employers you know the ins and outs of configuration, management, and troubleshooting for  wired and wireless network devices. This certification also includes knowledge of critical security concepts such as Cloud Computing best practices.


CompTIA A+ 

The CompTIA A+ is where it all starts. This cert is perfect if you're just starting out in IT or the IT certification world. With an A+, you're ready for your first IT job as an IT Support Technician, IT Hardware Technician, or IT Help Desk Administrator . Those with this type of certification are typically hired by organizations to help manage all technical equipment including computers, printers, scanners, and other linked devices. These individuals can work onsite for an organization, or provide support services over the phone/online.

The A+ tells companies that you are "prepared to troubleshoot, problem-solve and understand a wide variety of issues ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security".


If you're looking for certification- you're in luck. Tech901 offers certification training right here in Memphis, in as little as 12 weeks. 

If you're still trying to find your path, check out our "Which IT Career are you Built for Quiz".  Combining your passion with your new set of skills and certifications is your path to IT career success. 


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