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Want to know more about IT Networking? Look no further!



Interested in IT Networking, but know little to nothing about it? A career revolving around this type of job may seem like trying to reach the stars but with the correct amount of knowledge, inspiration, and motivation you'll be sure to succeed in getting employed.

For the basics, IT Networking is a complex, broad field which involves telecommunications. Networking is a part of everyday life; it's the reason why we're able to keep contact with someone on the other side of the world. Extensive communication is possible because it revolves around carrying out and supporting Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Internet connections. Each company is different, so the amount of work you will have to do depends on what they're looking to accomplish. Though, if networking, computers and understanding the internet is something that interests you then learning more in-depth about this field would be a smart place to start!

Before jumping right in and trying to land a job, you must meet the requirements. Usually, a bachelor's degree is the minimum, but some IT Certifications like Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and Cisco Certified Architect (CCA) can help you stay on track.

Seeing that this field is vast, there are plenty of jobs offered that'll help you climb the employment ladder:

  • Network Engineer: You'll help design and manage computers that are linked together through the network while also installing and setting-up a variety of software.
  • Network Analyst: This supports the computer network and overall computer base.
  • Information Systems Administrator: Assists with an information technology infrastructure. You'll help evaluate, recommend and plan different types of services, projects, and products.
  • Network Technician: Troubleshooting network and computers for problems

Other jobs in this field include:

  • Web Master
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Network Architect


These examples are just to get your feet wet, there are tons of jobs available that are sure to interest you and expand your career in this field. Take your time, work hard, become a networking expert.

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