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2021 Rewind


Looking to upgrade your tech skills in 2022? Tech901 offers everything you'll need to augment your abilities and blaze your digital trail this new year.

Against everyone’s hopes, COVID-19 continued to impact all aspects of life in 2021 and established itself as a long-term obstacle for the world to adapt to. As a result, Tech901 continued our commitment to cater to students, offering hybrid class options for each of our courses.

This helped provide more Memphians with the opportunity to enrich their IT knowledge through our programs without feeling pressured into a strictly virtual or in-person setup. Through perseverance and ingenuity from staff and students, 2021 closed as another successful year.

Going Virtual

Few things excite us more than seeing our alumni bring their incredible skills to the IT workforce. By the end of 2021, our brilliant students secured 77 new IT jobs with an average salary of $47,518 – up from the $23,960 average when they started the program. This average starting pay is a record for Tech901, with the total number of jobs secured rising 28% from 2020.

Our Tech901 alums can be found all over Memphis as repair technicians, support specialists, analysts, developers, and technicians in more than 47 of your favorite local businesses including ALSAC, Fedex, Frontdoor, St. Jude, Manpower at Flextronics, MotoTV Networks, CBRE, MemFi Networks and Fidelity National Information Systems.

Student Representation

“Outside of the enriching education and technical training, Tech901 has a diverse environment with people from numerous backgrounds and age groups to the point where it’s impossible not to fit in.” – J. Ziegenhorn, Tech901 Student, IT Hardware Tech.

The mission of Tech901 is to cultivate a culture of diversity not only in our programs but in the Memphis IT industry as a whole. In 2021, over 60% of our students were people of color, and a third of our students were women.

We were thrilled to graduate 219 of our students last year. Our students also achieved 357 certifications, far surpassing the 176 in 2020.

Thankfully, we were able to host an in-person ceremony for all our 2021 graduates. At the celebration, multiple speakers including Chris Wilson (CEO of UpperEdge Tech) and Tech901’s own founder/CEO Robert Montague shared helpful insights and encouraging words to our grads.


“Nobody is ever left behind at Tech901. There’s always going to be someone who asks you: How’s it going? Need anything?” - M. Marshall, Tech901 Graduate

Especially in today’s continually uncertain environment, all we accomplished in 2021 would not have been possible without the incredible support of our generous donors. Every donation big or small goes a long way in supporting our instructors and students, equipping both with the necessary tools to succeed.

A special thanks is also necessary for our corporate sponsors, FedEx, Verizon, and Regions Financial Corporation.

As we push forward into 2022, we’re ready to welcome our new students and continue to provide avenues for Memphians to succeed in the IT field. And to those looking to start anew in 2022, we can’t think of a better way than jumpstarting a career in IT at Tech901.

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