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Celebrate What's Right in Memphis: Our Growth, Our Soul, Our New Memphis

Celebrate Whats Right

All too often in a large city, the general focus shifts from the positive aspects to the negative in a matter of an instant.  Memphis is no exception to this mentality.  Thankfully, there are many Memphians who are changing this conversation and celebrating what’s right.

In early May, New Memphis Institute held the inaugural luncheon in a continuing series geared to shine a light on the progress being made in the Bluff City.  Celebrate What’s Right: Building Up covered many large-scale Memphis investments in a financial sense, as well as the substantial lifestyle improvements on the horizon.  Moderated by Andy Cates, CEO of RVC Outdoor Destinations, a panel of local influencers shared a bit about what projects they are currently involved with and how the city will flourish as a result.

Memphis is undergoing major change when it comes to recreational, medical, educational, tourism, and lifestyle oriented projects.  According to Cates, almost 3.5 billion dollars of completed or in-progress projects will drastically affect the quality of life for people in the Mid-South.  Terrence Patterson, President of Downtown Memphis Commission, shared that the downtown area is the fastest growing neighborhood in the city, as well as the safest.  Patterson wants to make the downtown area a destination for residents from all over the city, from Orange Mound to Frayser and every zip code in between.

Shaping our city for the better was a main talking point reiterated with questions from the crowd, answered by the panel.  Chase Carlisle, Real Estate and Development at Carlisle Corporation, shared one of the most resonating quotes of the afternoon.  “We’ve got to keep our soul and begin to look at what our future holds.” Looking towards the future, the audience was encouraged to defend their city from derogatory speech and naysayers.  The conversation is key.  Share the word of the positive influence and development that is encompassing the city.  As you drive around the streets of Memphis or enjoy the countless amenities across the city, take a moment to celebrate what is right.


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